What Is Cabin Crew Job?

If you aspire to become a cabin crew, it’s natural for you to want to learn more about what it is and how to become one. The cabin crew consists of flight attendants whose tasks often range from carrying out the instructions by pilots, co-pilots, and other airline personnel.

If you are mulling over “what is cabin crew job?” you need to realize that your first and primary responsibility would be to ensure the safety of all the airline passengers. Do you remember the air hostess trying to calm all the passengers and handing out the safety protocol instructions? That is one of the responsibilities of a cabin crew.

If you plan to become one, you need to know that your first and primary duty lies in taking care of all your passengers. And taking apart the query “what is cabin crew job?”, you will find that one of your duties involves putting all the passengers at ease, enabling them to relax and enjoy the duration of their flight, and more. And that’s why you need to check out the rest of the post to learn more about the cabin crew and their responsibilities,

● What are the Cabin crew duties?

Given that countless airline companies are operating both in the domestic and international sectors, it is only to be expected that the crew’s duties are bound to vary. That said, the cabin crew is mandated by the airlines to ensure the safety of the passengers for the duration of the flight. Overall, their only area of concern happens to be the passengers and to see to their comfort.

As far as the duties go, the main operating area for the cabin crew extends from the cockpit door and to the rear kitchen terminal. The cabin crew can interfere in any circumstance and can even interrupt an inflight movie to make sudden announcements when required. 

And of course, one of the main tasks for flight attendants is to be able to explain to the passengers. They must explain all the instructions, including safety and emergency instructions.

●  What are the requirements to become one?

The good news is that anyone can become a flight attendant and become part of the cabin crew, provided they clear the various hurdles on the way. However, the airlines often require their cabin crew applicants to meet certain eligibility criteria to apply for the post. Above all, all crew members must meet the minimum age criteria – 18 years.

For example, most airlines would often make it mandatory for all applicants to meet a certain height and weight category to apply. You will not find these listed out in black and white for obvious reasons.

But it is commonly accepted amongst airlines that the cabin crew must be slim, not overweight, be pleasing in manners, courteous and converse well in English. And they must also complete their graduation before applying to become a cabin crew.

Since the crew is often required to interact with the passengers, focusing on personal appearances is a must. The cabin crew is also supposed to supply the passengers with all the essentials, from refreshments to food, on schedule.

●  What does a cabin crew do?

As mentioned earlier, a cabin crew would often have various responsibilities. For example, apart from ensuring that the passengers are safely seated at their respective seats, the cabin crew would also be required to ensure that all the luggage is safely loaded onto the plane.

They would also be responsible for answering all the passengers’ concerns during the flight duration. They would also be responsible for completing the pre-flight checklist and ensuring that all the parameters are met. Once that is done, they can communicate the same with the pilot.

And naturally, the role of a cabin crew in times of an emergency assumes importance. Here, they would be tasked with reassuring the passengers and trying to calm them down. They would also be responsible for communicating all the latest safety instructions to the passengers and ensuring that the passengers follow the same to the letter.

And this should provide you with adequate information on what a cabin crew does and whether you want to choose to become one?