What Does A Teardrop Tattoo Mean?


Teardrop tattoo is mostly known for being inked on people who have been imprisoned. It could indicate the person was raped while he was imprisoned, and then the rapists marked that person’s face with the teardrop tattoo for humiliation.

Recently, the tattoo has been generalised by popular celebrities, more specifically, by popular rappers, but it has forever been a staple for people who have been to prison.

What other meanings does this Tattoo have?

A teardrop tattoo can assert the losing a friend or relatives. It could indicate your pain or grief after losing someone close to your heart. There are many examples of people wearing such tattoos that signify losing a friend like Lil Wayne and many others.

A teardrop tattoo on a woman could that the woman is having that tattoo to support their partner or loved one who is in the prison. In that scenario, it could be a symbol of love or support. One such tattoo having the same meaning has been seen on Amy Winehouse, who has this tattoo inked on her face to support her husband, who had been to prison in the case of a drug overdose.

What does teardrop tattoo signify in Gang Culture of West Coast?

Teardrop tattoo in Gang Culture of West Coast means that the person having that tattoo has killed a person.

The tattoo can have different meanings in different circles. How the tattoo is marked can have different implications; for instance, a person who has a teardrop tattoo that only has an outer mark that is without filling might signify that the person had tried to kill someone or has lost someone from the gang or has lost a close friend.

When the tattoo got filled, it signifies that the person wearing it has taken vengeance from the enemies. Most people have a teardrop tattoo of blue or green colour to show resemblance with the actual tear, but few people also like their teardrop tattoo to be in red.


Question: Does Teardrop Tattoo below the right eye and left eye have different meanings?

Answer- Yes, a Teardrop tattoo below the right eye or left eye signifies different things.

Question: What does Teardrop Tattoo below the right eye or left eye signify?

Answer- Teardrop Tattoo below the left eye indicates that that person has committed murdered someone, and the number of drops signifies how many people he has killed.

However, it’s not mandatory, some people may have a teardrop tattoo below the left eye to signify pain or sorrow.

A teardrop tattoo below the right eye does not always imply that that person has murdered someone. It is the symbol of the memory of someone who the person has lost.

Question: Does a teardrop tattoo always mean something negative?

Answer – No, a teardrop tattoo doesn’t always have a negative meaning. Sometimes it’s a symbol of perseverance. It can signify courage and strength.


To conclude and to answer the question “what does tattoo teardrops mean?” a teardrop tattoo does not indicate a single meaning; it has different meanings for everyone. It may signify that someone has been imprisoned for a longer period, has been raped while imprisoned, has murdered someone, or taken revenge from someone.

It could be a symbol of grief, mourning, hardships, perseverance, and humiliation too. Some people choose not to disclose the meaning of their Teardrop tattoo. Until and unless the person himself what his tattoo means, nobody can say what his tattoo signifies.

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