How To Pay Anna University Fees Online?

If you want to know how to pay Anna University fees online, worry not, we will explain the complete procedure to pay your fees online hassle-free. Refer and study comfortably.

Anna University has the facility to pay fees online, and they have kept the  portal user-friendly and easy to navigate. The online payment option is easy and fast. Students don’t have to go physically and deposit the fees at the university counter. If you want hassle-free and time-saving fees payment, you must know how to pay Anna University fees online.

Go through the step-by-step procedure to pay the University fees online in the following paragraphs. 

Steps to Pay Anna University fees online

  • Students need to visit and go to the knowledge data center. Here select the student portal to move ahead with online payment. Google Chrome supports the portal better but you can also log in through any other latest browser because the website supports all browsers.
  • After coming on the landing page of the knowledge data center, insert registration number, term fee, and date of birth. After that, enter your college password and hit log in. The portal verifies your given details and matches with the database.
  • If all information is correct and verified, your details will be displayed on the screen. Then click on the option’ pay fees.’
  • After logging in and verifying personal details, it’s time to choose a mode of payment. Anna University has facilitated payments through debit cards, credit cards, and Internet Banking of all the major banks of India.
  • While proceeding with payment, you will need to authenticate yourself on the payment portal and verify your bank.

Following banks allow online fees payment with zero transaction charges:

  • Indian Overseas Bank
  • State Bank of India
  • Indian Bank
  • Canara Bank

To know various modes of payment and conditions, visit the website with your registration details. Transaction charges vary according to the mode of payment.

After verifying personal details and account credentials on your end, complete the payment transaction and complete the process. Anna University provides a temporary receipt instantly. University issues a digital receipt signed by the authority and uploads it on the portal within forty-eight hours from payment of the fees online.

Points to consider

Students who are taking admission through bank loans must pay fees through the KDC portal only.

Scholarship students and NRI students should use the KDC portal for payment.

How to pay Anna University fees online for international students?

International students can pay their fees online through Swift transfers in US Dollars or Demand Draft in US Dollars or Demand Draft in Equivalent Indian Rupees.


Anna University has made the entire onboarding, fees payment, and other sections easy to use. Students can refer to frequently asked questions available on the web to have all points clear to understand how to pay Anna University fees online and save time in the process.