What Is The Difference Between Hard Skills And Soft Skills?

Have you ever heard the word skill and what do you think it means?

Skill is the ability to perform something that comes from a particular practice or training. It is also referred to as the capacity to do something well. 

Hard skills

These are abilities that help you handle job-specific professional duties and responsibilities.  There are numerous articles that one can put on their resume. Why I am preparing for a personality test or interview, it is essential to have a list of your hard skills. This gives you an extra enhancement for the interview.

Acquisition of hard skills comes through education and practice.  In broad sense, hard skills refer to the ability to complete a professional task. It focuses on practical abilities. It is easier to learn and teach.

 Hard skills are considered essential because they improve productivity and efficiency. They are required by formal education. It is also certified so that it can come to professional use. They have specific criteria and need.

These skills are something that can be defined and evaluated. For example, a degree from a university or technical skill, or skill in speaking a foreign language.

Hard skills can be quantified.

Importance of hard skills

As these skills refer to one’s particular expertise, these skills make up the essential part of the resume. To a large extent, the specific level of proficiency required for the job is, determined by the hard skills a person possesses.

It also makes it easy for the companies to compare the candidates based on hard skills, making it easier for them to hire the best. 

Types of hard skills 

Well, there are innumerable hard skills as each profession has its list of hard skills. Below listed are a few examples of hard skills which are usually seen by employers while hiring.

Computer Technology

As today’s generation is mainly based on technology, people need to grasp and command computer technology. The companies prefer people having command over the computer technology.

Hard Communication Skills

Communication is considered one of the essential skills a person can possess. Thus if a person has command over more than one language, it is considered a complex communication skill.

Data Analysis

The skill is considered highly valued. Not just in the business but also in the technical industries. Data analysis is essential to a branch of any organization.

Certificates & Licenses

These certificates and licenses give the employer proof regarding the hard skills a person possesses.


 Designing is also considered an essential skill. Not everyone could understand a person’s mind and design accordingly, so special skills required for designing are highly valued.

Cloud Computing

 Due to the high advancement in the technology industry, cloud computing is one of the most recent and one of the most boosting areas in the technology department. Most of the organizations in companies opt for cloud computing to store the data. This means that people who can build and manage cloud systems are in demand.

Web development and mobile

 Many websites are being created every day. With almost everything being in the reach of a click, the people creating the sites and apps are in high demand.

Network Security

 Every company has certain private and confidential information. So a company is always in need of someone who looks after network security and so the people who are good in skill are in high demand.


Convincing a particular person for a specific product is one of the most essential skills required these days. So people with the skill and high demand.

Project Management

This is a skill that is required in almost every industry. Show the people who are good in project management and are really good managers are always in high demand.

Soft skills  

Soft skills often relate to interpersonal skills a person possesses. Other than hard professional skills, an employer also looks for soft skills in a person. Thus the complete interview is based just on the hard professional skills but also on the way a person presents him or herself.

Importance of soft skills

As today’s world is becoming more competitive every single day, just possessing hard skills doesn’t suffice. Almost every job requires specific interaction with each other, so communication skills are also considered very important. It is not necessary that a company would always seek people with experience for good grades, but in today’s time, a company wants to hire a person who could be an asset to them.

Types of soft skills


Communication is one of the essential soft skills.

Good communicators can adjust their tone and communicate with people, and convince them that difficult is complex information.

A crucial part of communicating also includes effective listening, which is often forgotten.

Verbal and nonverbal skills are equally important.


Having a positive attitude towards work is always helpful. With constant tensions and work pressure, it is also required for a person to keep him or herself motivated all the time. A company or an organization looks for an employee who could handle the work stress and be motivated.

This skill not only demonstrates a positive approach but also makes a trustworthy image in front of the employer.


Leadership is a soft skill you can show even if you’re not directly managing others. Leadership skill is considered one of the most critical skills in any management project. A person with good leadership skills is always appreciated.


This skill is really talked about but considered of a high value. A Responsible Person is always respected and appreciated everywhere. Being responsible not only shows worthiness towards yourself but also towards the company.


Any person could walk alone, but the real test is when a person works in a team. Having teamwork skills is considered really important while working in any company or organization. With group projects given all the time, the employer seeks people with good teamwork skills.