How to Build Teamwork at Work?

Teamwork is vital for a friendly and productive workplace. A workplace where people interact, understand, and support each other provides profitable outcomes. The employee should deploy various tactics and methods to improve teamwork skills for a successful career. Teamwork is an essential soft skill for excel in the job interview.

Teamwork is vital for career and interview and a person should make all the possible efforts to learn and build teamwork skills at the workplace and for interviews. One of the most common questions among employees is how to build teamwork at work that proves beneficial at the workplace or helpful in a job interview.

Methods to build teamwork at workplace

Lead from the front

Employees should lead from the front when given the opportunity to manage a team. It shows leadership quality, time management, and people management. Organizations consider such employees an asset and reward them with incentives and promotions.

Team members should be comfortable enough to approach the employee in case of any confusion, work-related queries, etc. 

Target specific planning

As a member of the team, plan specifically to achieve your job role. Employees should have excellent communication skills in order to listen to briefs from senior management or from clients if you are handling clients directly.

An employee should be accountable for his specific job role and supportive for team goal ultimately. With group participation and clear goals, employees will start working together to achieve the target.

Perks and Rewards

Companies observe and reward employees based on their performance on crucial projects and how they performed as a team member. Employees should grab these opportunities.

Be interactive, engaged and supportive always. If you perform better, you might get the best team member award or perks in terms of incentives and group tour. These are noteworthy achievements for the resume and future companies.

Communication skills

Communication skills are very important for teamwork. These are of three types: Verbal Communication, Non-Verbal Communication and Visual Communication.

Verbal Communication includes vocal and written forms of communication, Non-verbal communication is about postures and gestures, and Visual communication is arts, graphs, depictions etc.

As a team member, an employee needs to communicate with team members, senior management, clients and vendors. The employee should know ways to interact with different stakeholders and participants in the project. Knowing how to interact, puts an employee way ahead in performance evaluation at the end of the year.

Team meetings

Involve yourself in every team meeting. Employees usually know only their part of the job, which causes a lack of knowledge about the assigned roles of fellow members. So, to get on common ground, listen and learn other member’s job roles.

If there is something to discuss about the project, politely call everyone in the boardroom and discuss with them. It will not only improve communication skills but also show your initiative to discuss with fellow mates and enthusiasm towards work.

In interviews also, candidates need to prepare themselves for teamwork related questions from the interviewer.

Team-building Activities

Team-building exercises are an ultimate opportunity to get to know your team members and spend some time getting into comfort level with each-other.  It could be in some café, tourist spot or even in the office itself. Employers do such activities for team building and assess the employees.

Involve in decision-making

An employee who shows enthusiasm and go-getter attitude, generally preferred by management for multiple decision making events. If you are in the company’s good books, they can ask you about office layout for renovation or new branch, furniture and fixtures or how to improve customer experience and several others.

An employee should grab such involvement in decision-making with both hands because such involvement affects the evaluation process to a great extent.

Yoga Day or Exercise Day

An employee should participate actively in team building activities organized by the company. Yoga Day or Work-out Session is one of the most effective ways to communicate with team members. These events provide an ample opportunity to gel-up with office staff including co-workers, senior management and even CEO.

On such sessions, increase your networking with senior management and if possible know them personally. If a person talks about personal stuff with you, he/she will be more comfortable in office and professional matters.

Family Day

Another great way to improve teamwork is family day. Leading companies such as Amazon, Google organize such events annually where families of employees visit the office and interact with each other over breakfast or lunch.

If you want to grow closer ties with the team, this is the best opportunity, because when families are involved with each-other, you grow closer ties.

This is how to build teamwork at work effectively.


Though it might seem challenging to promote teamwork, it is pretty simple, as discussed in the above paragraphs. If an employee wants to develop effective teamwork, he/she should develop mentioned soft skills and participate in team building activities. It must have been clear how to build teamwork at work through the passage. Teamwork is an essential soft skill for successful career and better prospects at job interviews.