How to Manage Stress at Work ?

The workplace is the prominent causal factor of stress. Stress is generally associated with tiredness and tension. People under stress often search and google how to manage stress at work, what is stress etc., to find answers for curing their psychological problems. If people do minor changes in lifestyle, working postures, eating habits, he/she can help himself in controlling stress and increase productivity at work.

Tips for managing stress at the workplace

Keep organized surroundings

If you are feeling stressed, start habits of organizing your work and stuff. Make a list of things-to-do and check status at the weekend. Note down pending work and completed work. If nothing is pending at the end of the week, pat yourself on the back.

Several types of research and studies suggest that an essential organization skill can save several hours a week. More time means less stress level.

Take a break

One of the primary reasons for stress build-up is long hours of work without a break. Give yourself a five-minute break and take a stroll around, chat with friends or colleagues, go on office terraces, etc.

The point is to get a break to refresh yourself.

Laughter therapy

In the process of work, people forget a very fundamental human nature that is laughter. Read jokes, share funny incidents at tea-break etc., because as they say, laughter is the best remedy for a healthy heart.

A good amount of laughter increases healthy hormones such as Neurotransmitter and Endorphin while decreases stress, increasing hormones adrenaline, epinephrine, dopamine and cortisone, hormones.

Not only hormonal benefits, but laughter also diverts your attention from regular stress-causing factors and relaxes the brain and muscles for a while. So to know how to manage stress at work? Laugh a lot and enjoy life.

Observe and analyze yourself

Give yourself time. It means a person needs to observe the physiological, biological, and psychological impact of work on their bodies and minds.

You need to observe if a hunch has developed due to hours of keyword use or tight shoulder, dark circles under eyes etc.

Stretching and exercise

People lean towards their laptop or system when they feel stressed due to target pressure, pending work, client’s deadline etc. Try this trick to exercise on the seat itself and reduce stress due to working too closely on the computer.

Cross fingers behind the neck and push the shoulders backwards. Lean your head forward and let the chin touch your sternum. Bring elbows in front and join them. Leave the hands to fall for some seconds and try to relax. Repeat this exercise whenever you feel tense or long hours of work on PC

Dietary Supplements and Multivitamins

Due to environmental changes, too much use of chemicals, and improper eating habits, including junk foods, only food is not enough for overall health and nutrition. Complement the food with protein, multi-vitamins and experience less stress.

In recent research about the impact of diet on stress, it has been found that people who take supplements daily experience 21 percent less stress and less tiredness.

Activeness and productivity are directly related to the overall performance, which will cause less stress.

Get proper sleep

A relaxed seven to eight hours of sleep refreshes and rejuvenates the body and brain. Sleep is essential to keep your thoughts clear and stress under check. Don’t compromise on proper sleep for a stress-free workplace.


How to manage stress at work? It depends upon your capability to handle pressure and determination to overcome stress to succeed in the assigned work. A person becomes successful only when he/she can overcome stress and become stronger every time.