Why IQ Is Important?

When it comes to measuring a person’s intelligence, we have often resorted to quantifying IQ as a way to determine it. 

While the logic behind it seems infallible, the fact remains that IQ tests from the 1940s were often heavily skewed towards one race or culture over the general population. And that’s why you probably wonder why IQ is important today. The answer to both and in a single word, “Yes.”

Granted, the older versions had a lot of flaws, but since then, they have been redesigned and reworked by experts. IQ tests are widely used in various fields and disparate sectors, from private to government-backed research experiments. 

As to the million-dollar query, “why IQ is important?” You must understand that IQ tests quickly become the norm in today’s corporate world. From a select few, more and more companies are insisting on IQ test scores being appended to their job applications. To better understand the importance of IQ test scores, read below.

  • IQ tests and their importance:

IQ tests determine a person’s intelligence by testing their short-term and long-term memories. To that end, these tests were initially designed to gauge your ability to recall information and your skill at solving issues. 

But since then, the basic IQ tests have long since been redesigned and upgraded so that they neither reflect any cultural or racial bias.

These days, IQ tests are designed to gauge a person’s ability to reason, memorize and even solve without bias. While it might seem far-fetched, the fact goes that an IQ test score does allow you to gauge a person’s intelligence accordingly. 

But more people are becoming aware of emotional intelligence and its crucial importance. That is why EI questions are often included with the rest when it comes to an IQ test.

  • Upbringing:

An IQ test score can determine if your child is gifted and whether they need specialized resources to reach their potential. And that’s often one of the motivational factors underpinning why so many parents get their kids IQ tested early on. Once they realize their kid is gifted and has an extremely high IQ score, they can apply to the government/ specialized schools/ colleges to get him the additional resources he would require.

On average, parents often have to shell out nearly $14.000 each year for tuition for their kids, from k to 12. Now, imagine having to pay for your kids’ college early on. The good news is that several research agencies and companies offer to pay for their entire education. 

Of course, they often request that the students intern with them later. Such agreements are not unheard of and often enable the parents to meet these specialized costs head-on. To sum up, IQ is a crucial factor and one that can well determine how your kid is raised.

  • Reliability:

Most people often wonder whether IQ tests are reliable and can be counted on to deliver accurate results. 

The first thing you need to understand is that IQ tests enable you to determine a person’s intelligence early on, at a given time, at a specific place, and under given conditions. 

Yup! IQ tests cannot be considered permanent and are often only temporary at best. And it is always a good idea to get your kid tested by a local doctor who can assess other prevailing factors to determine their IQ level.

But that said, these tests or the modern upgraded versions often reflect changing times, scenarios, and even conditions. Several industrial sectors utilize them, schools and colleges, to determine an applicant’s IQ level (on a percentile level and as it compares with others). And they have proved to be pretty reliable over the last few decades.

  •  Past examples:

To put it in perspective, considering some of the past examples may be a good idea. For example, Albert Einstein, who had an IQ of 160 (alleged), gave us the theory of relativity. Newton famously came up with Gravity, was allegedly reported to have a high IQ (190-200), and changed astrophysics to what we know today.

To state that IQ scores are essential would be an understatement! And that’s why you should get your children tested early. And it may be a good idea to assess them by a doctor who can then conduct the test immediately. 

This will enable him to determine your kid’s IQ level accurately. Ensure your child understands the exam and the importance of determining one’s IQ level! It must be said that some are precociously young and yet, score high on basic IQ tests. 

The parents are then left to decide on their children’s schooling while being aware that it will alter their lives completely.