What should be the subject of thank you Email?

Thank you email is one of the forms in which you show your love and appreciation towards a business, and it could also increase your bond with the customers. When you go to a shop, you can physically get your products and at the same time thank the salesforce for the service they have rendered.

Unlike online shopping, where you can’t physically be present, you could see the products and buy them, and once you receive the products, you show your gratitude towards the site or business by sending a ‘Thank You ‘ email.

A ‘Thank You ‘ email could improve the relationship between a business and a customer and generate a sense of brand loyalty towards that business.

What is the need for a ‘Thank You’ Email

A ‘Thank You ‘ email should be sent in order to make the customers feel assured that the product they have selected will be delivered to them without any deal and in good condition. In particular , the ‘Thank You’ email starts building a relationship online that you usually find in stores when you physically buy a product.

When do you send a ‘Thank You’ Email

Thank you emails are not just sent for a specific purpose like just for the sake of placing an order, reaching on time. It could also be used to send on different occasions like

  • Customers birthday 
  • Loyal brand users
  • Event, Webinars
  • Vacations, Anniversary.

Subject line for a ‘Thank You ‘ Email.

The subject line is the first line of a text a person reads when they look at their email inbox. Moreover, it’s a title or a heading. It explains to us what the rest of the email would be about. A follow-up email after the ‘Thank You ‘ mail will be a reminder to the customer about the product and service which the service provider will be willing to provide.

In the identical mail, the service provider can mention the additional feature which the product has that may induce the customer to go for the product or service. In many cases, the buyer, after receiving the ‘Thank You’ email because of the busy schedule, forgets about the product and service. A follow-up email would help the customer to revisit the product and service details that were discussed with him previously.

Tips for a subject line

  • They should be to the point. 
  •  They should attract the reader to open the email
  • They have to be punctual yet hold the attention.

Successful ways to write a ‘Thank You ‘ Email

The email could be a challenging task. You need to be attentive and see that you don’t make any mistakes.

  • Send your message soon after you receive your product within 24 hours so that the business you purchased from gets confidence that you liked the product and that you would further make purchases from them.
  • Use your laptop or computers to send this message. Because while you send this message to your mobile phone, there may be changes made by auto-correct, which could replace your text and make the email look simple.
  • Use the email id you used to place your order so that the site you made an order from stays connected with you.
  • The best way is to use formal language so that it does not show that you are very frank.
  • Do not write a long message; keep it brief and short.

Qualities that a subject line must-have for a ‘Thank You’ Email

Few qualities are required in writing a good subject line. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Brief and crisp: Long subject lines are not the way you write an email subject line as you are not provided with enough space in the inbox. Make it brief and crisp
  • Appropriate use of Capital letters and Punctuation: The way you write your ‘Thank You ‘ Email matters because this serves as a relationship between a customer and a business and not the way you interact with your friends. If you want the email to have a good impact on customers, then you’ll have to pay attention to spellings, punctuation, etc.
  •  Use of emoticons: If you want the subject line to look attractive and want more customers, a simple heart or hug could be added to add colors to the text.

Thus we can say that subject lines are quite an important aspect to be looked upon. Of course, we could experiment and innovate different subject lines