How Do You Write a Catchy Email Subject Line?

Hey there! We all know how writing an email has become an essential source of communication in every field. There is no such field in the Internet world where you do not need to provide that. It has become a mode of communication with the targeted customer.

One of the essential parts of an email exists in its subject line. It is an essential part of the email because this is the part that a recipient puts his/her eye on. So, it must be a unique one that catches someone’s attention.

So, hey, I’m here to guide you through the tips and tricks of writing great attention- gaining catchy subject lines for an email.


An email subject line is an initial text the recipients detect after the sender’s name when an email reaches their inbox. This single sentence of the whole email determines whether the email is unlocked or directly disposed of in the trash. So ensure to maintain an email subject line instructive, eye-catching, and brief, which is optimized towards your audience.


Your subject line reflects what is written in the core of the email. Many people ignore the unnecessary statements and spend just a few seconds evaluating the subject line, which earns it an essential part of the email. Remember that this single line will assume if your email will be opened further or not.

Many experts claim that excluding a subject line is one of the biggest mistakes that you must avoid while composing an email. An email that does not contain a subject line in it will most probably get deleted, or it may irritate the recipient. This short, single-line description of your email may provide you with the chance of connecting with the business contact.

Especially nowadays, in all businesses, email marketing has become an important mode of communication. Sending all sorts of business-related articles to the targeted audience is done through writing an email. And, guys, you must know that the subject line of the email plays a very important role in this case. So, composing a subject line and raising the interest of the audience is important nowadays.

Here are some tips for writing a catchy email subject line

Try to make it brief

The subject line must be short. Otherwise, it may get cut off, in case they are too long. Now you may struggle about how to keep a subject line short. Not an issue, just think about which words matter less and the ones that matter more. The lesser important one can be removed. Do not waste time using words like “update”, etc. You must know that using such words decreases the chance of opening the email. 

Utilize a known sender’s name

While setting the sender’s name, try to be as natural as possible. For example, seems to be more inviting to the people when they open their inboxes. Use your name as the sender’s address, if you’ve already written your recipients from previous conversations.

Resist false promises

As earlier mentioned, the email subject line reflects what message you are delivering. Ensure that you follow the commitment. Never try to make false promises to get your email opened. This will make your audience lose trust in the subject line, leading to a higher unsubscribe rate.

Do not reveal the data inside

Make sure while entering the subject line that you are not revealing entirely what’s inside. Write it in such a way that makes it clear that something awaits inside the email. For example, if your visitor has won a surprise gift and you are delivering it via email, the great idea is to write, “Congratulations! Your surprise gift is waiting inside.”

Language must be very concise.

Remember, people tend to scan their inboxes very quickly. So, if the language is clear and concise then it’s better. Complex and over-ornamental languages can entice your recipient.

The preview text must be more engaging.

Preview text provides you with a clear idea about what is inside the email. Set the preview text yourself so that it does not look messy depending upon your email content. Also, it reduces the chances of engaging your audience.

Create a  sense of importance.

Compose your subject line in such a manner that it shows the urgency of communication. It must compel the reader to click and open it. So, make sure the phrase is creative and much more strategic.

Avoid writing in all uppercase

If you compose your subject line with all uppercase, the maximum chance is that it will be ignored. People will think it to be spam. This type of disruptive tricks won’t ever work. Instead, try using eye-catching and delightful language.

Avoid manipulating the interrogation and exclamation sign in the same sentence

For example, “want a gift? Click here now!”. Now, this is a subject line that can automatically be filtered as spam mail. This type of mails is a classic email format that comes in many formats.  one of the most essential tips that one should keep in mind. 

Try to begin with call-to-action verbs

Your subject line will make sure how the recipient will act. Those subject lines which begin with call-to-action verbs, generally, tend the recipient to open your email. It installs excitement within the audience. So make sure your email begins with some call-to-action verbs.

Try creating a sense of urgency or necessity.

You have to make sure that by writing the subject line the recipient feels it urgent to open the email. But ensure that you don’t exaggerate it. Exaggerating or magnifying it can lead to ignorance of the email. 

Discard spammy languages

Forceful languages can be concluded as spam emails. These will lead your email to park in the spam folder. To prevent such circumstances, try to include an information-rich subject line.

Want to know some of the tips with which we could assist you in writing or composing an email subject line? here they are.

Follow the above-given tips so that your email gets unlocked. If you are unable to write proper, eye-catching subject lines, despite containing incredible content within, your emails are going to be disposed of in the trash.

Here are some examples

So, here I’ll provide you with some examples that you can refer to while writing an email subject line.


  • ” Hey, don’t open this.”
  • “20 interesting and effective ways to make money at home”
  • “Grab your mystery box tonight!”


  • “Latest update! Vacation on Jupiter”
  • “Scratch and land directly to Switzerland!”
  • “How cute that baby bump looks!”


  1. Grab the new stock now!”
  2. “Must-haves for your closet”
  3. “50% off on all products above $25”


  • “Hey, you coming?”
  • “Anna, check the mail.”
  • “Quick help!”