How To Apply For Jobs In Singapore From India?


The process on how to apply for jobs in Singapore from India.

Singapore has attained fame as the land of immigrants for a good reason: jobs are plenty, and so are the opportunities. 

One of the reasons that several immigrants made Singapore their home is probably on account of its low taxation, low cost of living, and friendly and cordial place to work in. And it also happens to be one of the growing tech-hubs of Asia as well.

Landing a job in Singapore is a dream many immigrants share and one that you can achieve while residing here. Just check out the process on how to apply for jobs in Singapore from India. That should certainly provide you with all the requisite information you need to get started.

 With more start-ups getting established almost every day, the demand for a new, younger, talented workforce is steadily growing in Singapore. This would be the perfect time to apply for various job postings for which you are eligible and have the requisite skills to set you apart. Check out these tips.

 Check your eligibility:

When it comes to learning about how to apply for jobs in Singapore from India, you need to check out your eligibility. You need to ensure that you have the required criteria to apply for jobs based in Singapore.

While the eligibility criteria are bound to vary, depending on the job offers, it should give you a broad idea of what is expected from each ex-pat. Singapore requires all migrants to have a work permit to work there, and as such, you need to have an actual job offer in hand before you apply for a work permit.

So go ahead and take the online self-assessment tool to check out your eligibility. The test is no guarantee of either a job offer or a work permit that permits you to work in Singapore. It is an online testing tool designed to provide you with an idea about your current eligibility; that’s it.

 Check out the market:

One of the first things you need to do is to research the Singapore job market, find out which particular sector has more of a demand for skilled overseas workers and focus on it. The point is that some sectors are too competitive while others have an ever-growing need for skilled overseas workers. So check out this information and prep your application accordingly.

For example, the demand for more IT workers, compliance experts, finance professionals, etc., happens to be surging in the city at the moment. So make sure you research the selected sectors thoroughly.  These are the ones with an ever-growing demand for more workers, and it makes sense for you to capitalize on the same.

Check out the local practices, customs, and traditions:

Before you depart for Singapore, you may want to check out some local customs and traditions. Apart from these, you may also want to check out some of the common official employment practices as well.

You would need to review all these well before you land in Singapore. There are a few migrants who tend to find the new customs, traditions, and even the employment practices a tad unsettling. And that’s why you need to review them first, as it should give you a taste of what working in Singapore would be like.

Online job portals:

There are various online job portals that you can search for jobs based in Singapore. For example, you can check out sites like, efinancial careers, jobs central, job street, and more.

You would be required to register at these sites, after which, you can complete your profile. Then you can use the search bar and the various filters to search for Singapore-based jobs, check out their requirements and apply, as needed.

That’s how the process works, on how to search for jobs in Singapore, from India.