How To Reply To A Job Offer?

Searching, finding, and landing the right job sure sounds easy, right? It, unfortunately, is anything but ‘that.’ The simple reason that good jobs are hard to come across these days. Once you do land the right job offer, how would you handle it or even reply to the same? Read on to know more.

Most employers expect you to accept the terms offered regarding the new job. So naturally, most employers expect their prospective employees to act professionally. And that includes expecting a professional letter of acceptance or even when asking for more time to respond.

Regarding “how to reply to a job offer?” there is a set format that you need to follow when accepting the offer. The same applies when you ask for more time to review or reject the offer. Check out the points posted below.

● Penning the job acceptance letter: 

If you are wondering how to reply to a job offer, well, you are in the right place. Once you have received the offer, you must reply to it. And the best thing would be to write the acceptance letter or email. 

For starters, you need to address it to the right person. Make sure that you are using the right form of address. For example, if the head of the HR department sends the offer letter, you need to reply in kind. It would help if you listed their name and designation on the cover. You need to do the same as well as in the letter itself.

On writing the acceptance letter, include the words, “I accept your kind offer.” Once you have done that, you need to include other details, as well as queries you may have, such as joining date, etc. Make sure that you list out the position you are being offered. And of course, thank them for the same. You can also utilize this letter to get the required clarifications.

● What you need to avoid: 

Granted that this is a new job offer, with a new company and under better terms of employment. However, that does not mean that you trash talk your current company or the work you are handling at the moment.

As mentioned earlier, you need to act professionally at all times. It is critical as it can impact the rest of your professional career. And if you need some further clarifications before accepting their offer, this would be the right time for it. Then you can go ahead and accept the offer post the clarifications.

 Don’t ask too many details, as that is bound to irritate some. And try to avoid including any personal details in the acceptance letter. You must maintain a professional tone at all times.

● Asking for more time:

There could be various reasons why you feel you need more time before you can accept the offer. It’s only natural; no company would wait forever. So try not to delay it much.

Companies often feel that prospective employees should let them know right away if they would be accepting their offer or not. Even HR would realize the circumstances if you feel that you need to mull things over.

 Here’s how to handle it, reply to the offer right away. Let the company know that you need a certain amount of time, post which you can let them know. Please do not make them wait too long, or it might be too late. You can use this time to learn more about the offer and the responsibilities of your new job as well.

● Negotiate:

If you feel that the current offer is well below your expectations, you can always request a call-in—request HR to set up a conference call so you can discuss the terms of your offer further.

Once HR agrees, you can negotiate the terms of your contract with them over the phone. And once you have agreed to it, you can then move ahead with the acceptance letter.

These points should help you when replying to a legitimate job offer.