Understand The Requirements Before Applying For Luxury Cruise Jobs

Luxury cruising ships have seen staggering growth in recent years.

The hospitality industry is a booming sector that rarely sees recession. High school diplomas and degree holders who have strong skill sets in management, administration, and housekeeping may carry questions in their minds – how to get a job on a cruise ship?

Luxury cruise ships recruit fresh candidates through reputed overseas recruitment agencies and consultancies. Answers for how to get a job on a cruise ship are dealt with nicely in this article. Luxury cruise lines have recruited more than 15 lakhs full-time employees and posted them in various departments.

What are the eligibility criteria to become a sailor? 

The minimum entry age fixed by the cruise liners is 18 or 21. The candidate appearing for the interview should speak English fluently. Knowing other languages such as French, Spanish and Chinese is a plus. 

Candidates who have already worked in cruise ships for a few months or years will be given priority during the process of selection. 

What are commonly available positions in Cruise liners?

When it comes to jobs positions in Cruise liners, there are varieties of posts and designations. Some of the cruise ship jobs are listed below.

– Housekeeping

– Galley and Restaurant

– Casino and bar tendering 

– Spa and beauty 

– Medical assistants

– Management and Administration

– Restaurant 

– Storekeepers

– Speakers and lecturers

Where can you find featured overseas recruiters?

There are hundreds of reputed overseas recruiting firms that act as a connecting point between cruise ships and job seekers. You can get the names, addresses, and contact details of leading overseas recruiting firms that charge reasonable fees when you explore related websites. 

Reputed cruise line recruitment agencies regularly notify the vacancies on various online job portals. Some of the famous overseas recruiting agencies that have gained a massive reputation are listed below.

Some of the best cruise lines that offer the best pay scales to the new candidates are listed below. 

– Celebrity cruises 

– American Cruise Line

– Disney cruise line

– Holland America

– Royal Caribbean

– Seabourn Yacht

What are the benefits a crew member enjoys in luxury cruising?

The benefits that sailors, crew members, resorts, and onboard staff enjoy when they work in luxury cruising ships are infinite, and some of them are listed below.

– Basic salary plus dearness allowance

– Provident fund (permanent employees)

– Gratuity

– Perks and annual bonuses

– Yearly increment (in case of full-time permanent employees)

– Free flight and cruising tickets to your family members.

– Tips

– Discounts of hotels, resorts, and spas

Is working in luxury cruise ships safe and secure?

All the activities inside the luxury ships are monitored right from departure till the journey culminates successfully. The passengers, crew members, and others inside the cruise ship will be thoroughly screened, frisked, and x-rayed before boarding and after the ship reaches its destinations.

Graduates and others aspiring to start their careers in luxury cruise ships should sharpen their soft skills, leadership, and communication skills to a great extent. You can work as a contract and full-time employee.

The work culture and commitment levels of recruits?

Working inside luxury cruise ships is a back-breaking job. You may have to work for several hours and build the best rapport with the passengers and other staff. The luxury liners admire employees who work hard and show a high level of commitment in the given assignments.

You will learn to adapt to new work culture and become a stalwart in the chosen field in the long run. 

Now you have the answers to the question – how to get a job on a cruise ship?