Guide On How To Get A Job In The Income-Tax Department

Considered to be one of the most important departments in the bureaucratic machinery governing all of India, an IRS job is not that easy to come by. It will not fall into your lap because you were close to the previous income tax commissioner. There are no shortcuts to apply to get a job in this department.

Only hard work matters when it comes to “how to get job in income tax department.” It would help if you worked hard at your respective boards, 10th and 12th, cleared them in a single sitting. And after that, you need to ensure that you graduate from college, with at least 60% average, in any stream.

There are no preconditions that you need to take up a particular stream of subjects in your 12th or during your UG. The only requirement you would have to meet when “how to get job in Income tax department” is to ensure you have solid academic grades to back up your application.

● How to become an officer?

If you plan to work in the income tax department and eventually become an income tax officer, you need to read on. Income tax officers essentially analyze all financial documents. They scrutinize the same to ensure that the person/s who happens to be the focus of their department have remitted the said taxes to the GOI.

Under the constitution, every citizen of India who is earning a wage/ salary is required to pay a tax to the government of India. And failure to do so can attract hefty fines and even prison time. And this is where the income tax officer comes in, analyzing all the documents to ensure that you have complied with the law.

And to become an officer, you need to be below 30 years of age. Moreover, you would also need to graduate from a recognized university. And you would need to apply for the combined graduate level examination, which is held periodically by the staff level commission.

● Criteria: 

You need to meet certain qualifications to apply for the CGL examinations. You would have to meet certain height and weight criteria to appear for the exams. And it may surprise you to know that the exam also consists of a physical test, which is included as part of the main exam, where a combined score aggregate is later taken. It should also be pointed out that the income tax department is open to both genders equally.

● What makes the tax inspectors’ posts interesting?

One of the reasons that the post of an income tax officer is often in demand is mainly the various perks and the inflated salary that the current inspectors receive monthly. And that’s just the start. Let’s assume you appear for the CGL exams and get a high qualifying rank.

In such a case, the choice of the city where you would be posted would generally be left to you. And depending on the city that you had selected, your base pay would increase as well, with the grade pay bands reflecting the same.

And after several rounds of promotion and stellar service, both your current pay and the pay bands would reflect the same, and you should be able to withdraw a much larger gross pay monthly. Apart from providing its inspectors with a lucrative reimbursement, the government of India provides them with equally luxurious living quarters, along with requisite school and college admissions.

● The SSC CGL exam: 

The SSC CGL exam is conducted annually by the staff selection commission and is subject to the same rules and regulations. Applicants are required to be at least 18 years of age and need to have completed or be graduating from a recognized university. You would then be required to appear for the various phases of the SSC CGL exam and clear the same.

And that is how you get to become an income tax officer.