Here’s How To Find Jobs On LinkedIn

When it comes to searching for jobs, the best option would be to head online and strategize the tools you have at your disposal to narrow down your search. Sounds like a dream, right? If you thought that looking for a job is all about dragging your files from one company to the other, knocking on doors, and getting polite rebuttals, as seen in many Hindi movies, those are the old days.

These days, it is all about developing a profile, strategizing your contacts, and reaching out through your network to narrow down your search to a select few companies. But even better would be for you to check out this post to answer the query, ‘how to find jobs on LinkedIn.

 Here are a few facts that you may want to mull over; nearly 92% of job recruiters worldwide use social media and sites like LinkedIn to locate the right professional for their job posting. And you need to make them pick you out from the rest of the competition; that’s the rub. And here’s how you go about it.

●    Maximize the opportunity: 

When it comes to the eternal query of how to find jobs on LinkedIn, the first thing you need to realize is that even a 10th grader can search for a job and copy-paste his resume in the hopes of landing it. Therefore, you need to be better, and you need to maximize and leverage this opportunity so that you stand out. That starts with the profile, as that will be the first thing nearly all recruiters will check out.

Add a professional-looking photo, along with relevant information. Apart from this, develop your profile on LinkedIn, making it clear to prospective employers why they should pick you for the job at hand. Do not type “pick me” in caps; no employer finds it funny any longer and would certainly thrash your profile. Instead, make a presentation about why you would be a great choice.

●    The personal touch: 

When adding to the profile on the site, try to make your backstory memorable. All employers are not soulless robots or drones, not yet anyway. And as they read your backstory, they need to feel the connection.

You are reaching out to them, making them aware that you are just like them, a lonely professional seeking a job in a tough, competitive world under some of the most challenging circumstances. But, see, that’s how you should do it. And as they review your profile, they are bound to feel that you would be a good fit for their company.

●    Focus on the present, rather than in the past: 

This is crucial when developing your profile for companies. Unfortunately, most recruiters invest little time in reviewing your history. Instead, they would first check out if you have the basic qualifications, after which they would check out if you have the requisite skills. Got it?

So when it comes to listing your skills, keep your focus sharply on the current jobs you are applying for as you list out your current skills. While listing your past skills is important, there’s no need to get into it in detail. Just focus on the current requirements as you list them out.

●    Make it visual: 

Granted that it is a tough, competitive world out there, never mind your field of work. And that’s all the more reason you need to make your profile stand out from the lot. And one of the ways you go about it is to add more visual elements to your profile to make it stand apart.

You can add the photo, but that’s usually the norm and one that’s expected from you. Apart from this, you can also make a video presentation, making it clear to recruiters why you would be a great pick for their organization. This should get you the attention you need from several recruiters.

When it comes to finding jobs on social sites like LinkedIn, this is how you usually go about it. But, with determination and an eye-catching profile, you should be able to accomplish just that.