How To Get A Government Job In India?

Every year, thousands of aspirants seek a government job and try their luck at the various entry-level examinations. And it is but natural for some of the more prestigious ones, such as the IAS being touted as one of the hardest. However, the fact remains that landing a government job remains the dream for countless many across India.

Here’s the basic info on “how to get a government job in India?” do read on. Just keep in mind that the Government of India happens to be one of the largest employers in the world, and each year, the government would require new employees to fill up their various vacancies.

 Just review online for government jobs, and that should clue you in the various job offers and the sheer number that gets listed as available each year. But that said, there is a due process to follow, and naturally, being a government job, you can count on the competition.

● Check out the job-wise sectors: 

The government of India has many different branches, sectors that it is in control. For example, the Indian railways, which also happen to be one of the largest employers in the world (after the government of India), are owned and operated by the Government of India.

So when it comes to the question of how to get a government job in India, the first thing you need to do is to check out its largest sectors. That includes Indian railways India post office, and check out their various available openings.

 Remember that the process eligibility criteria are bound to vary widely from one open position to the other. Therefore you would need to consider when applying for a government job. And when checking out the jobs available in these sectors, you may want to check out the other government sectors – from mining to research, etc.

● The basic eligibility criteria:

Since you are planning to apply for a government job, you must keep in mind that the requirements and criteria listed will be different from each other. There’s a basic yardstick that you can use when you try to figure out the eligibility criteria.

=All government jobs require the candidate to be at least 18 years of age and sans any criminal background. As your employer is the government of India, they would naturally flag your application should any criminal background show up.

Depending on the job, as a high school graduate, you can apply for certain positions. But most government jobs require the applicant to be a graduate with qualifying academic credentials. Some jobs, such as a peon or a postman, may not require more than a 10th-grade pass, but it is always a good idea to apply for a government job post-graduation.

● Applying for the job:

Once you have shortlisted some viable government job vacancies, you can apply for the same. You must follow all the directions listed in these adverts, to the letter.

Some government jobs may require you to send certified copies of the same, while others may need you to list your background details and include your educational qualifications. Remember that the application process is bound to differ from one organization to another.

And that’s why you need to pay attention to the details and the application process. Just make sure that you follow the directions and meet the listed eligibility criteria. And do not forget to attach a copy of your picture and your application. The process may take a while, but eventually, you should hear from the organization in a few weeks.

● Preparing for the exam:

Please note that most government jobs require you to sit for a common exam, based on which your performance would be evaluated. Do check online for more information regarding these entrance exams since they will differ.

But most of these exams are designed to test your knowledge, your analytical and mathematical ability. It is to ensure that the right candidate with the requisite skills is the one applying for the job

This is how to go about getting a government job these days.