How To Decline A Job offer?

You must make it a point to check out this post on”how to decline a job offer?” before you decline one. After all, this is the post-pandemic season, and economies worldwide are in a recession. Given that new jobs are getting incredibly hard to come by, you need to determine if you are serious about declining the current job offer.

And if you are serious about declining it, you must make sure you act professionally. And this is why you need to follow these steps regarding “how to decline a job offer” review the following suggestions, and you should be able to decline a job offer while sounding professional about it!

Decide whether you want to decline:

When it comes to declining an actual job offer, first, you need to work out whether you want to decline the offer or not. New job offers are few; given the current recession, you are bound to discover that new job offers often come with less lucrative terms.

Show appreciation and gratitude:

When declining a job offer, you must always show appreciation and gratitude. For example, you may be left with no option but to decline the job offer because they fail to match up with your current expectations. 

Remember that they had conducted a job interview and went through several meetings before they decided to go ahead with your application. They have put a lot of effort into this, and the least you can do is show due appreciation and gratitude.

Stay in touch:

It is essential to stay in touch with the HR team. Even though you may have declined their current offer, you never know when your paths will cross again. After all, you may need a new job offer in the future, and it is always a good idea to have a solid network in place.

Explain your reasons:

Remember, you are declining a job offer from a company that had put a lot of time and effort into recruiting you. The least you can do is be courteous and tell them why you are declining their offer. For example, you can tell them why you have declined their offer. 

It could be that the compensation and terms offered are not lucrative enough. And if you have personal reasons, you can tell them that you have received a better offer. But make sure that you remain courteous and appreciative of their offer.

Shortlist the reasons:

When declining a job offer, you must immediately let HR know if you have decided to decline their kind and generous offer. You can shortlist why you are not taking them up on their offer. And this should give you a clue on how to decline their offer. 

For example, if one of the reasons had to do with the remuneration or salary offered, you could state that “you have received a better offer”. That’s logical enough and a response that cannot be termed unprofessional.

Email or Phone call:

Since you are planning to decline their job offer, the least you can do is inform them immediately. Most people often frame emails declining a job offer. You can opt to do the same, and a plus point is that you can immediately communicate your reasons for the decline.

But a better option would be to call them up. After all, you must have communicated with HR by phone several times before scheduling your interview. You can now communicate with them through the same and let them know that you are declining their kind offer. 

Of course, the least they would expect is to be informed as to why you are declining their offer. It is common courtesy to do so!

These are some of the tips on how to decline a job offer. Remember, the company in question had put a lot of time and effort into processing your application, scheduling interviews, reviewing your test scores, and evaluating your performance, along with the rest. It would be best if you told them about declining their offer and the “why”.