Where does the VP live in the Whitehouse?

The observatory home was refurbished several times by the Vice Presidents.

The Vice President of the USA plays an important role. The person designated as Vice President USA is addressed as the honorable vice president by the officers and employees working in the senate department. Mrs. Kamala Harris is also the second-highest officer in the senate.


She is empowered to make lots of decisions on behalf of the President. Whenever the President goes out of the country or takes a break from his work, the Vice President will step into the President’s shoes and offer a variety of services.


If you have a question like – where does VP live in the Whitehouse? Mrs. Kamala Harris, the newly-elected VP of the USA, stays with her family in Number One Observatory Circle NW, US Naval Observatory, Washington, DC United States.


Who was the first VP who lived in Observatory circle?


Now you can give an instant answer when someone asks you a question like – where does VP live in the white house? It is imperative to note that the Number One

The observatory circle where Kamala Harris lives now was constructed in 1893 exclusively for the observatory superintendent.


The CNO moved with his family in 1923 and lived happily till 1974. After that, it became the official residence of the Vice President of the USA.


Mr. Gerald Ford was the first person to use Number One observatory in 1974. But he did not use this house even for a single day since he immediately became the President of India. 


Mr. Nelson Rockefeller was the first Vice President of the USA who used this house purely for entertainment purposes. But he also did not stay here full-time since he was already living in a secured residence in Washington.


The first Vice President who lived here full-time with his family was Walter Mondale. After that, his successors started staying here with their family members.


A brief history of Number One Observatory Circle


It is worth noting that Number One observatory circle is an expansive home that measures 9000 sq. ft. It was designed and built by a famous architect Leon E Dessez in 1893. 


The astronomical naval observatory society that made scientific research on stars, space, sun, and the moon stayed here for several years.


For several decades Naval Chiefs of the USA lived here before they migrated to another place. Only when Walter Mondale moved permanently with his family members at Observatory Circle did the home become the official residence of the Vice President of the USA.


Were refurbishments and repairs work done at Observatory Circle?


The Vice Presidents of the USA who lived at Observatory circle made efforts to renovate their new home with swimming pools, gardens, and landscapes. The US Navy took measures to renovate the mansion during 2001, and eventually, it was renovated again during 2021.


The present Vice President of the USA moved into the Number Observatory circle only after renovation. She lives happily with her family members now.


Where is the number one observatory circle located?


The Naval Observatory where Vice President Kamala Harris lives is 4 kms away from the white house. George W. Bush, one of the famous Presidents of the USA, raised millions of dollars from various sources and renovated the residence in 1981. Mr. Bush also took efforts to construct a horseshoe pit here and modern amenities that gained popularity.


Remodeling works, extensions, and repairs were carried on here when Dan Quayle lived here in 1989.


Kamala Harris and her husband, Doug Emhoff will stay here for the next four years. International tourists, local visitors, and students are not allowed inside.