Which Software Is Used In Digital Communication?

Digital communication is regarded as the most critical aspect of Modern Telecommunication. Digital communication is widely used in formal and informal communication, research, government and non-government organizations, universities, and educational institutions.

In the coming years, digital communication will be in high demand. To use digital communication, knowledge of principles and techniques of digital communication is a must. A Digital Communication system is used to deliver high-quality voice and video-based digital communications.

Digital Communication is used to communicate between computers and digital sources using long and short digital transmission communication media. There exists a wide variety of digital transmission techniques, such as digital modulation techniques. Moreover, in the coming years, there will be extensive use of digital communication. Thus, university and educational institutions, Government and non-government organizations, and public and private sector industries must be familiar with the methods and techniques to use in digital communication.

Most of the principles and techniques used in Digital Communications come from electrical engineering. However, to use digital communication, understanding of telephony, services related to data and video, digital communication hierarchies and digital communication using microwave systems. Understanding Pulse Code Modulation techniques will provide you a guided path to use digital communication software.

The selection of particular software to be used in digital communication must be based on statistics and the practical applications and limitations of the selected software. Therefore, having a pragmatic engineering view is beneficial in the use of digital communication software.

The characteristics of software used in digital communication and its respective modulation techniques must be known. The modulation techniques decide the digital communication technology such as satellites based digital communication, coaxial cable, type of wire used in digital communication, and optical fiber used in digital communication.

Software used in digital communication must be reliable, and its performance impact must be known. Digital communication software operation principles, software performance characteristics, software design guidelines, and bandwidth required to operate that software must be known.

Software used in digital communication operates on single-channel and often faces jitter and error accumulation problems.

Following is the list of software used in digital communication:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Workspace
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • GoTo
  • Webex
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Jira

Dropbox: Dropbox is used to store and share files. It is a cloud storage service used to store and share files. It is also used for file synchronization. Dropbox is used as a central file-sharing system using the file-sharing cloud. Dropbox has a LAN sync feature in which the Dropbox server is not used to share files. In the LAN sync feature of dropbox, all the computers that are members of LAN can share files with each other without getting connected to the Dropbox server.

Dropbox can be integrated with third-party API’s.

Google Workspace: This is a collaboration tool developed by Google. Google workspace consists of Gmail application, Chat application, Meet application, Calendar application, Drive application, Docs application, Sheets application, Slides, Forms and Sites for collaboration. The Google Workspace also facilitates its user to do video and voice calls. The workspace also provides you the facility to share documents, spreadsheets, and presentation slides.

Gmail: Gmail is a web-based service used for formal and informal communication.

Google Drive: Google Drive is used to store and share files. Google Drive also offers collaboration features, and users can upload desired files and access from devices having an internet connection.

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides: These programs allow users to collaborate and use files of a word processor, spreadsheets, and presentation slides. These programs can also be used for business communication. 

Google Forms: Google Forms is used to conduct surveys and is commonly used in digital communication. Google forms are used to create quizzes and develop specialized functions to be used in educational settings.

Google Chat: This is also used in digital communication as a communication software and developed by Google. Google chat is a useful tool when used for Teamwork.

Google Meet: This is used in digital communication for conducting video conferencing. Google Meet can make video or audio calls and is suitable for professional and non-professional communication.

Jamboard: Jamboard is used for digital communication. Jamboard enables group meetings and exercises that are used for brainstorming. The Jamboard has cloud connectivity and enables real-time meetings.

Microsoft 365: Microsoft 365 provides a number of services that are used for digital communication. Microsoft 365 provides you office apps and artificial intelligence-based cloud services. Microsoft 365 can be used on multiple devices and Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Outlook: This is an email service used for digital communication and includes task management and contact manager.

Office 365 Education: Office 365 education is free for educational purposes and is intended to be used in educational settings. It is also used for digital communication.

Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams is a digital software used for business communication. Microsoft Team is used for video conferencing, storage of files, and integration of applications. In addition, Microsoft Team is used for Chat, Group Chat, Sharing of files, making calls and is also used for education purposes.

Zoom: A zoom is software used for digital communication. It is used for video conferencing and chatting. This software of digital communication is used in both business and education both. 

GoTo: GoToMeeting is software used for digital communication. This software is used to conduct online meetings, sharing of desktops, and video conferencing. This software enables digital communication using the internet. This is Desktop sharing software using which the host computer’s desktop can be shared with a group of connected computers.

Webex: This is software used for digital communication. And is used for web conferencing and video conferencing applications. 

Slack: Slack is also used for digital communication. It is used for business communication and official chatting. Slack has a Team feature for group communication. Slack can work with Google Drive, Trello, Dropbox, GitHub, etc.

Tello: Trello is used for digital communication. Trello is used to organize projects using boards. Trello keeps track of the process, such as the user is working on, up to which point the user has worked, and where something is in the process.

Jira: Jira is software used in digital communication. Jira is used for tracking and project management. Jira is also used for portfolio management.