WordPress Website Development Course in Telugu

WordPress website development is the easiest way to create your own website in minutes. Learn WordPress Website Development in your native Telugu language itself.


The creators of this course guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the course content and warrant the limited-time fitness to work with the content management system.

The advice and strategies of the instructors of this course is suitable for working with pages, links, and blogs.       


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What Topics/Skills are getting covered in this course? (100 chars)

Part 1 of this course will cover basic or WordPress. Part-2 of this course will provide settings for WordPress. Part-3 of this course will provide categories of WordPress, and Part-4 of this course will provide Media related content to be used in WordPress.

Who should take this course?

This course is designed for learners who have the ability to read, write and understand Telugu. 

What knowledge/Experience is Mandatory to take full advantage of this course?

To take on this learner must the knowledge of Telugu language, HTML, and CSS. 

Any Requirement of Software/Device needed for the course?


You need a laptop or PC with any operating system (Preferred one is Windows).

Any Messages to your students before starting this course? 

To get registered in this course first learn the Telugu language. This course is for Telugu students who are aspiring to become WordPress professionals.  

What learning students will have post-course completion?

After completing this course the learner will be able to interact with WordPress and able to configure PHP. The learner will acquire the skills to create pages, links, blogs etc., in WordPress.

How will this course help your students to get a job?

The course is for beginners and will you guide to become beginner WordPress developers.

What Job roles your students can look up to after completing this course?

This course sets you to kick start your career as an entry-level WordPress developer and become a front-end WordPress developer.