what is self Discovery?

Wondering what is self-discovery and why it is important? Worry not; stay through the passage; we will explain all aspects of the topic and help you explore yourself for the better.

In simple layman terms, self-discovery is to find your true self, who you are, and who you could be. People go through therapy sessions, do meditation to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and find peace with themselves.

Whether you are in the job searching phase, college, or mid-life phase, when work-life balance becomes the most stress causing factor, self-discovery will help you make a wiser decision to balance your life smartly.

With time, ways to do self-discovering also changes. Online live sessions for meditation, yoga, etc., are becoming newer ways to help people in personality development through self-analysis in a calm mind. Organizations are using books, podcasts, Face-to-face sessions and many other techniques to support people in their personal growth and make life a lot easier.

To know further about what is self-discovery, you need to know various aspects of self-discovery and how it touches several phases of our lives. Let’s go through these aspects in the following paragraphs.

Identify and live your passion

Following passion keeps us alive; it is something which you love doing again and again. Discovering your passion and living for it can be a great way to self-discovery. While understanding your passion, there might be some interest about which you are not even aware yet.

Read online blogs, watch videos; they will help in deciding your passion. My personal favorite, make a list of interests and hobbies, dedicate some time daily to one topic, and see yourself and how it will help in your life.

For example, at the young age of 16, I decided to pursue my passion for writing. Later, I made it my career choice, and now I am an established writer for multiple clients.

The following passion will help you to think clearly, live happily, and be satisfied.

Understand the purpose of your life

Figuring out the purpose of life means an interest that makes you happy and contributes to society. It does not have to be big or something like a movement.

It could be reaching out to the people in the neighborhood, teaching free of cost in an NGO. Try to make a positive change with your needs and give some reasons to smile because of you.

The purpose of life does not have to be monetary; it should be something that gives peace to your soul. There is nothing like someone’s purpose is greater than yours; your purpose will not make much impact, etc. This is strictly personal and for you only.

Don’t pressurize yourself in finding the purpose; let it come naturally with practical experiences of life.

Keep Motivating Yourself

There are thousands of resources for preaching to you about motivation, but the truth is only you can motivate yourself. There are situations in life and at the workplace when we feel stuck and could not decide the way out. In such a situation, what is self-discovery? and how it helps in motivation.

Remember any song that encourages you, talk to a family member you are comfortable with or be some childhood friends who understand you. These people are the best resources to help you in motivation.

If still you feel stuck, watch motivational videos, read inspirational blogs, collect your thoughts, and start working with a motivated soul.

Mental Health and Capabilities

Unfortunately, one of the least discussed topics about health is our mental health and capabilities. I said, unfortunately, because mental health and capabilities impact the very core of our personality and health.

You should be extra careful and vigilant for any signs of mental illness and difficulties coping with situations around you. With more and more people visiting therapists with problems related to anxiety, stress, etc., people have started a discourse on the topic, and it’s a good thing.

There is nothing wrong with shutting yourself off or going off-grid for some time if you feel overwhelmed. Suppose you are not finding a solution to the problems at the workplace or home. Give yourself some time alone, make your mind and come out with a strategy to deal with the situation.

You can visit a therapist who is an expert in self-discovery and personality development exercises. Some tips for taking care of your mental health and capabilities are: don’t get over-excited about work, give yourself some time to soak in with new projects or work, visit a therapist, join mediation classes, etc.

These self-care exercises will calm your nerves and improve your mental capacity to balance work and life smartly.

Understanding Relationships

Your needs and expectations from a relationship might be different from others. You need to figure out your priorities, whether it is with friends, family, or at the workplace. Expectations from relationships change over time; it depends upon age, experience, stage of life, other person’s expectations, and many more.

To understand the relationship, you need to think from your end and other people’s perspective both. If the person is important for you, adjust as and when required but don’t stretch it too far. Keep your dignity and self-respect intact.

Suppose you are confused about relationships, whether to stay in or leave out. It is time to understand what is self-discovery? Self-analysis will help you in getting hold of the situation and make a decision more wisely.

Make a list of your priorities. If the person on the other side in your relationship fits in your life goals, make an effort to make him/her stay. You will understand in life the importance of one right person for a better and satisfying life.


Self-discovering is a comprehensive analysis of your personality. It is vital to understand what clicks and what not to make your life easier, happier, and satisfied.