How To Plan A Career? – Career Planning Guide

Career Planning is an essential thing to do for a satisfied and successful life. It is a process to decide goals and objectives in a career after self-exploration and market research. 

Self-exploration includes assessing skills, experiences, values, relevant education, and market research, including job profile search on job portals, market trends, and statistics about target career interest and job role.

How to plan a career? Planning a career is a process with proper research and understanding. 

Let’s go through step by step to understand the process.

Research about career options

The first thing to do in planning is researching career interests. Ask friends and family, seek out help from counselors. Candidates can also attend webinars, see informational videos relevant to the career option.

Enroll in an internship and understand the work and job expectations.

Market research

Do market research to find out the best career opportunity in terms of better prospects, relevancy as per education and experience. Read journals, the government data on the job market to identify jobs with great potential and package. 

Career options as per skill-sets

The candidate should choose a career that suits his/her skills. The career should make you a confidant and satisfied for a bright career ahead. 

Qualifications required for the opted career

Identify the level of education required for career interest. Different jobs need different qualifications such as Graduate level, postgraduate level, Diploma, certificates, etc. Some of the jobs need advanced certification with degree graduation or post-graduation.

If the candidate is applying overseas for the job, he/she should do proper research about the license, certifications, etc., required in that particular country. These requirements could vary from country to country.

Salaries and perks

Job portals provide detailed reports on salary trends, job demand, skills in demand, etc., through analytics. Visit these job portals to explore salary ranges, top companies hiring, skills you require to develop to excel in the particular career, and several other metrics to help decide a career. 

Compare career options

After all research and deciding on a few options of career, job aspirants need to compare the options. Choose as per your goals and objectives.

Decide on goals

After doing all research and deciding on a career interest, it is time to decide how to plan a career that fulfills various life goals and objectives. To ensure goals fulfillment, they should be specific, measurable, relevant, and attainable. Every goal should be with a deadline that will push you for more effort and dedication towards your career path.

Action plan for Goals and objectives

After research and goal setting, it’s the last step before starting the job hunt and pursuing a career interest. Create a roadmap with different milestones, save it in the digital device for daily checking. Follow the plan religiously and complete them one by one for a successful life ahead.


These are steps to understand how to plan a career with an organized and wise approach. Don’t forget to reward yourself on the completion of each milestone. Keep updating your resume with new skills, advanced certification to stay ahead in the curve. Goals and objectives should be adjustable as per career demands and market metrics.