Emotional Intelligence Vs. Social Intelligence, Sorting The Wheat From The Chaff!

Corporations and organizations realize the value of emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence which is why they often screen their job applicants for the same. As a new market candidate, you should ensure you have the requisite skills (emotional and social Intelligence). 

But Have you ever wondered about the difference between the two? For example, have you taken a closer look at Emotional intelligence Vs. Social Intelligence?

When it comes to the topic of Emotional Intelligence Vs. Social Intelligence, you would find that most people are often clueless. They, like yourself, assume that both mean the same and are often used instead of each other. They could not be more wrong. Let’s take a closer look at the topic and break it down for everyone’s benefit.

  • Social Intelligence:

Social Intelligence is often built on a lifetime of experience. In short, it is about all your experiences to date, one that will enable you to understand and interact better with others. Think of it as a superset of Emotional Intelligence. 

Social Intelligence takes over, whereas Emotional Intelligence stops and takes it forward. It forms the basis of all social interactions you are bound to have. And that’s why it is essential, as far as your workspace is concerned.

With the right amount of Social Intelligence, you should be able to make critical decisions, plan for the future, and make the right moves to succeed. In short, social Intelligence is a must when plotting your success, be it at the office or elsewhere.

  • Significant characteristics of Social Intelligence:

Regarding Social Intelligence, you are bound to display the following characteristics.

·   Being Adaptable

·   Good listener

·   Able to understand other people’s behavior and analyze the same accurately.

·   Shows different personalities as and when required.

·   Be concerned about the impression you make on others.

  • Four principles of Social Intelligence:

If you want to learn about Social Intelligence and how to interact with others, then you need to know that the basic premise is based on four principles. These are listed below, do check them out.

·   Respect for others

·   Value different perspectives

·   Behavioral awareness

·   And being able to make decisions effectively.

  • Emotional Intelligence:

Emotional Intelligence is yet another essential quality that you are supposed to possess. The problem is that some have the requisite emotional Intelligence to interact with others. In contrast, some have none and, as a result, often need to make the right call at the office. 

Think of Emotional Intelligence as a way to identify and manage your emotions and those of others. Moreover, with the right amount of Emotional Intelligence, you should be able to have a right rein over your emotions. 

And naturally, this is one of the reasons it is a critical skill to have in the workplace. Moreover, with the right amount of Emotional Intelligence, you should be able to gauge others’ reactions and emotions by their facial expressions effectively. And this should come in handy, especially during a board meeting!

  •  Emotional intelligence traits:

When it comes to Emotional Intelligence, there are certain traits that a person with high EQ or Emotional Intelligence will display. These are usually

·   Being emotionally aware of their own emotions as well as the emotions of others around them.

·   Being able to apply emotions to problem-solving and resolving the issue immediately!

·   Managing your own emotions

·   Being able to micro-manage your own emotions as well as those of others.

  • Take a closer look:

Both Social Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence are somewhat different. One can be said to be a superset of the other. They are two different ways of looking at a person’s Intelligence. A lack of emotional Intelligence can impact your social Intelligence and your ability to interact with others. 

And that’s why these abilities are equally essential for the corporation to succeed! And you can even claim that both Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence are interrelated, and you would need both to boost your career!

  • The key difference:

When it comes to working out the critical difference between Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence, it all comes down to the specifics. In simple terms, Emotional Intelligence enables you to understand your feelings better and get a better read on how others feel. 

At the same time, Social Intelligence is more about understanding other people and interacting with them. The other difference between both is that Social Intelligence is an interpersonal skill, whereas Emotional Intelligence is an intrapersonal skill. 

This is what Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence are all about. Both are essential to ensure that you succeed in your career!