Why Do We Need Leadership?

Ever since early man managed to evolve and learnt to walk on his own two legs, it was but a matter of time before he opted to seek better pastures. 

And several studies, including corollary evidence, do point to the fact that early man finally evolved enough intelligence to learn the concept of “safety in numbers”, which was ironically true back then. They managed to build the first city-states around 15,000 BC, and the query, “why do we need leadership?” arose.

Since then, the query “why do we need leadership?”  has been asked often over the millennia. What’s funny is in all that time, no one managed to get it right at least once for various reasons. 

To be correct, man did evolve to the point of appointing leaders and then opted to go for hereditary leaders, kings, and rulers over vast lands and, finally, empires. Today, it’s more an age of technology, capitalistic underpinnings, organizations, with everything resting on the economy.

  • Identification dilemma:

One of the fundamental reasons you will need Leadership at your organization is this. A leader can keep you focused on what’s truly relevant to you guys and, by extension, on the values established at the company. 

Whenever you come across a company or an organization online, check out its “mission statement” or “goal”. And the reality could be a tad “jarring” to some.

Often, companies prefer to go all out with a list of values, codes, and principles they wish to adopt at their organization. And like so many before, they often fail to live up to their ideals, principles and values. 

The result is that the company would have lost view of its true mission and gotten de-railed in the process. That is why you need the right person for the key leadership post. Having the right person as a leader can ensure that your company remains committed to its values, which is essential in the long run.

  •  Good Leadership boosts morale:

Yup, that’s a fact, all right. All you have to do is to recall the Cuban crisis to understand the full implications of what JFK did and how, as a leader, he was able to hold his own – against his Russian counterpart. And that only goes on to show that whether it is your nation or your company, it makes sense to have the right person at the helm.

Take, for example, the latest leadership crisis to roil Twitter. Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, it was long rumoured that most of the staff would be fired. True to some of the employees’ worst nightmare visions, the worst came to pass, with most of the workforce getting the boot. As a result, Twitter is in a freefall, which is one small example of why a leader must manage to boost the organization’s overall morale.

  • Good Leadership inspires:

It has to be said good Leadership inspires and can even help motivate the rest of the workforce. The emphasis lies on the term “good leadership”, and that is why it is necessary, if not essential, to ensure that you select the right person to lead your organization. 

Chances are that your organization is bound to face several challenges, both legally and fiscally. You will need an adept person to handle these and simultaneously serve to inspire others at the company. You often need an efficient, competent leader to lead your company and to do just that!

  • Better communication:

One of the reasons that you need an efficient leader at the top post is that they can communicate better. You are bound to find that good communication is essential and downright necessary for your organization. Adequate communication skills may be fine for the rest of the workforce. 

But when it comes to being a leader, he should be able to communicate the main points to the rest of the workforce easily and without any issues. Miscommunication can often lead to massive loss of both customers and orders. This is why you must choose the right person to help lead your company.

  •  Good leadership fuels innovation:

There’s no better reason for you to take a closer look at your past. Think of all the various innovations that man has developed ever since he first discovered fire or how to start one. He invented the wheel, which he later changed to suit his current needs – from a simple chariot to a unique design with multi-faceted features.

 Clearly, man is an innovative species, and Thomas Edison is a prime example of this. It should tell you to inspire and innovate. You need a great leader, not just anyone, but the right person for the job!

These should only underscore that man has always needed a good leader to inspire, motivate, and, at times, help speed up innovation. Naturally, these are the same reasons you need a good leader to help your organization face some vital future challenges.