Interpersonal Skills Of A Manager

Interpersonal skills are what sets the workplace apart from its competition. An employee requires the requisite interpersonal skills to succeed in the workplace, and similarly, the whole workforce needs to play a pivotal role. 

But more than a lay employee, a manager often requires specific interpersonal skills to motivate his team successfully. And that’s why you need to take a closer look at the interpersonal skills of a manager and review the lot.

When it comes to the interpersonal skills of a manager, you will find that specific skills are more valuable than others. These skills make you a better manager and are therefore valued more in a workplace. 

For a corporation to succeed in a competitive world, it needs an adept manager. The adept manager has the right interpersonal skills that help him to do just that. And that’s why you must check out the various interpersonal skills listed below, which should enable you to become a better manager.

  • Verbal communication:

Regarding interpersonal skills, verbal communication ranks right at the top, with good reason. As a manager, you would be required to effectively communicate your ad-hoc project directions to the rest of the team; you would need to ensure that you communicate directions to the rest of the office, so there’s no mix-up.

Moreover, when you talk, ensure you do so with a soft voice but a tone that carries over well to the rest of the room. And, of course, it goes without saying that you would need to use modern English, without any slang, when communicating business guidelines to the rest of your team. 

And this is to ensure that everyone is on the same page and no one misunderstands any part of the communique, as it is crucial. These are some of the reasons why verbal communication is an essential interpersonal skill you need to survive as a manager.

  • Non-verbal communication:

When it comes to the office, it may surprise you that non-verbal communication is as important as verbal communication. As a manager, you must be adept in verbal and non-verbal communication. 

Non-verbal communication generally includes body language, facial expressions, tone, and more. And if you intend to become a better manager, you need to master the non-verbal part of communication to get your point across effectively.

  • Active listening:

As a manager, you must have the ability to listen actively to everyone. Sure, it sounds easy .Try practicing at home, and you will find it demanding to be able to listen to others all the time. 

As an effective manager, you must listen actively to all those who work under you. You need to be able to listen to others, find out what their issue is and see if you can resolve the same soon. 

And by actively listening, you will ensure the other person has a favorable opinion of you, as your role as a manager. They would be under the impression that you empathize with all workers and try to listen to their current issues.

  • Problem-solving:

One of the interpersonal skills you are required to have as a manager is solving problems. As a manager, you would have to deal with problems and various issues almost daily. 

Naturally, you must be talented at problem-solving, allowing you to handle multiple problems simultaneously and resolve the lot. This is what being a manager is all about and one you need to excel in.

  • Be assertive:

One of the qualities of a manager and a much-needed interpersonal skill is being assertive. You are expected to be assertive, handle all the problems effectively, and ensure you can communicate your point effectively. 

Moreover, by being assertive, you can get the whole office to listen to what you have to say and follow the required directions to the letter. 

Moreover, by being assertive, you should be able to instill confidence in your team and get them motivated simultaneously. Remember, by being assertive, no one expects you to turn into a dictator overnight, But just into a more forthright and frank person.

  • Negotiation:

When it comes to being a manager, you must develop the innate ability to negotiate with others, irrespective of the circumstances. You must be able to listen actively to others and think creatively simultaneously. You must use these abilities effectively to negotiate effectively with the other party!

As you can see, these are some of a manager’s interpersonal skills. As a manager, these are the important ones you would need to specialize in.