Why Is Assertiveness Important In The Workplace?

If you have been in employment for a while, then you would have interacted with the management and the current leader. You would have discerned certain qualities in their behaviour that set them apart, namely, ‘being assertive.’ Of course, you may mull over “why is assertiveness important in the workplace?” Learn why it is essential.

 When it comes to the query, “why is assertiveness important in the workplace?“; it sounds simple, but it is anything but that. Think of it as an opportunity that favours the brave. Now, this query would fall under the same ballpark. 

Chances are that you are already working for those who have notoriously little concern for your well-being. And then there are those secretaries who make it their principal purpose to make your life a living hell. That’s why it is worthwhile for you to review the rest of the post.

 Four behaviour types:

While working at the office, you will likely come across colleagues who fall under one of these four character types. Check them out since it will enable you to interact better with them.

·   Passive or submissive: 

You are bound to come across this character type more often than you imagined. The person who falls under this category often strives to hold peace and avoid discord or arguments from flaring up. 

They would go to any extent to hold peace at the office. On the flip side, these people would often let issues fester rather than take a decision on them immediately.

·   Passive-aggressive: 

Most people often assume that being passive-aggressive is just another word for being passive. It’s not. Passive aggressive behaviour is where you tend to indicate your innermost emotions through actions rather than words. 

For example, let’s say that you are not pleased with some of the decisions recently taken by the management. Soon, you indulge in passive-aggressive behaviour by either coming late or delaying work. That’s passive-aggressive behaviour.

·   Aggressive: 

Aggression in the workplace is when you put your emotions on display, front, right and center. You tend to act obnoxious to others to the point of being rude, aggressive, impolite and downright discourteous. Those who are aggressive are often itching for a fight, even if it happens to be with the management.

·   Assertiveness: 

Being assertive in the workplace generally indicates standing up for yourself while respecting seniors and paying heed to others’ concerns. If you are assertive, you will be frank about your opinions without disrespecting others. Moreover, by being assertive, you can communicate better with others and, in turn, can lead a massive team to success.

  •  Being Assertive and its varied advantages:

When it comes to being assertive, you may be surprised to learn that it has various advantages. At the least, it should make your office life a lot easier.

Being assertive indicates to others that you are more than willing to stand up for your rights and beliefs. You are letting them know that you will not be taken for a ride, you will not be easily intimidated, and this should endear you to the whole group.

  •  It helps you to control your emotions:

Being assertive goes a long way toward enabling you to control your emotions. There are those days when you find your emotions overwhelming. And in such instances, you may break out into tears or, worse, have a total breakdown. 

But being assertive can help you funnel such emotions into being assertive, preventing any emotional shows at the office. Breaking out into tears is not a good way to start a memorable chapter at the office.

  • Setting boundaries:

One of the advantages of being assertive in the workplace is that you can easily set boundaries. You can indicate these boundaries to your colleagues so that they’ll respect and value the same. 

One of the reasons why you need to set professional boundaries when interacting with colleagues is that it adds clarity to your official relationships. Moreover, it also prevents any unnecessary confusion or mix-up.

  • It develops your body language:

When it comes to being assertive, one of the main advantages is that it improves your body language. It goes a long way to help build your confidence. And along with it, the rest of your body language as well.

  • Say “No”:

While working at the office, you may sometimes find it hard to say no to your seniors. That’s all the more reason why you may want to become more assertive. Once you display your assertiveness at the office, you should not have any issue with being able to say “no” to others.

And these reasons should make it amply clear that it is a good idea to display assertive behaviour and not aggressive behaviour in the workplace. Remember to be natural and assertive and to speak your mind at the workplace! Good luck!