What Are Assertiveness Benefits?

When it comes to the office workspace, the query “what are assertiveness benefits?” comes up more often than you think. Simply put, assertiveness is a crucial critical skill that you would definitely require at the office. Be it a matter of asserting yourself during a confrontation with a colleague or with the management, and it becomes an essential skill.

Think back to the last time you had one with your management. Most of these confrontations would occur due to your core job responsibilities and how long you are supposed to work each day. 

And if you were being honest with yourself, you would soon realize that you have had such a conversation with the management at your office recently and along the same lines. That, in itself, should underscore the fact that almost everyone can be assertive if and when required. 

This brings you back to the query, “What are assertiveness benefits?”. It’s time for you to take a closer look at being assertive and find out if it indeed comes with crucial benefits.

  • Being confident:

When it comes to being assertive, one of the key benefits lies in becoming more confident. Irrespective of whether it includes your day-to-day office activities or even a simple communique between yourself and the management at your organization, you get to state your point with confidence by being assertive. 

Instead of the usual politeness, etiquette and vapid, empty sentiments, you get to state your point of view and request with as little window dressing as possible. This is just one example of ‘being assertive,’ which should tell you how it can have an overreaching impact on a person’s character.

As a result of your newfound confidence, you can easily handle more responsibilities at the office. Similarly, you can convey your position to your colleagues and the management without mulling over “whether it is the right thing to do or not .

“It is easier to assert your rights and communicate clearly to the management what you can handle and what you cannot. And all of these changes can be attributed to the newfound confidence and being assertive.

  •  Troubleshooting:

When it comes to ‘being assertive,’ you will soon realize that one of the side benefits of being so is that you become more adept at troubleshooting. The simple fact is that no office space is immune to arguments, misunderstood communication, and even outright confrontation. 

True, some large corporations have established protocols designed to avoid such issues where the employees are encouraged to register and deal with such issues right away. But what happens when you need the requisite protocol to handle such matters?

Simple, you need someone assertive enough to review such matters in a matter of minutes to get to the bottom of the issue and resolve it. And being assertive, you should be able to do that. 

Moreover, you should be able to convince your colleagues to agree with your decision. Any flagrant objections should be noted and forwarded to the management and HR to be dealt with separately.

  •  Increased effectiveness:

As a result of your newfound assertiveness, you should be able to complete your tasks on schedule or ahead of it. You can be much more effective at the office due to asserting your rights, likes and dislikes. 

Moreover, you are comfortable with your newly assigned responsibilities and feel that you can handle the same with ease. All of this should result in more productive man-hours and help you accomplish more at the office.

  • Improved self-image:

As a result of being assertive, you would find yourself dressing differently and interacting differently with others. All of these changes can be attributed to the changes in your character and your newfound assertiveness. 

And that only emphasizes that being assertive can boost your self-confidence tremendously. It can change your character and even influence you, from your dress to how you interact with others.

To put it simply, think back to high school and how often your seniors bullied you. Now, imagine being different from how you dress to your character – would you handle this bullying crowd any differently? All indicators point to a resounding “Yes” since being assertive can help boost your self-image and how you view yourself.

These are some of the key benefits of being “assertive,” While umpteen courses supposedly claim to teach you how to be assertive in under two weeks, most are rubbish. 

The simple fact is that the change has to happen within, and until you choose to be assertive and deliberate, no crash course on planet earth will successfully teach you to become assertive. 

You need to take the first few steps, which can teach you the ropes of being assertive, what it is all about and what changes you can expect. Overall, the journey to becoming more assertive begins with “you .”Good luck!