This course is designed for beginners who want to learn the basics of Grammar. The perk of taking this course is that it’s completely in the Tamil language. It’s easy for non-English speaking people to take this course.

This course is designed by keeping in mind that our students are in need to learn from the basics. Every concept will be explained thoroughly. After each topic, there would be a practice session with different examples. This will help students to learn deeply and build confidence.

This course is designed by English experts who know well about the importance of English in the market. Globalization has brought everything to the tip of the finger and connected all countries with different mediums of business. One thing that unites all is the English language. Communication in English is accepted globally. Be it education, job or business; half of the issues are resolved when you know well to communicate in this language.

Accepting the change and knowing the necessity of the English language, our team has come up with the idea of learning English but in your mother tongue. Yes, it sounds strange how you can learn English in Tamil? But, we are teaching you concepts in Tamil which will clear your idea and help you to communicate in English. Our motto is to educate a large community and resolve the English-speaking challenge.

What topics/skills are getting covered in this course?

We have designed the course with the intention that any beginner will be able to learn from basics and see himself progressing and reach to intermediate level. Below is the course overview.

  1.       Introduction to Grammar
  2.       Parts of Sentences
  3.       Simple Sentence
  4.     Compound Sentence
  5.       Complex sentence
  6.       Tenses
  7.       Past Tense
  8.     Present Tense
  9.       Future Tense
  10.       Articles
  11.       Parts Of Speech
  12.       Noun
  13.     Pronoun
  14.       Adjective
  15.           Verb
  16.     Adverb
  17.       Preposition
  18.       Interjection
  19.     Conjunction
  20.       Degrees of comparison
  21.       Phrases and Clauses
  22.       Numbers, Determiners & Genders
  23.       Active voice and Passive voice
  24.   Question tags
  25.   Direct and Indirect speech

Who Should Take this course?

English is a globally accepted language. Grammar is the foundation of English. To be exceptionally good in English, it is necessary that an individual is skilled in Grammar. So, we have designed this course in such a way that learning Grammar would be very easy.

The course can be taken by the following category of people:

  1.       School/College students who find it difficult to write and speak in error-free Grammar English.
  2.     Job seekers who need to present themselves with good communication/writing skills.
  3.       Individuals who need to learn Grammar from the basics.
  4.     Any enthusiast who wants to learn English and wants to begin from Grammar.

What knowledge/Experience is Mandatory to take full advantage of this course ?

Before you opt for this course, make sure you truly want to improve your Grammar. As this course is in Tamil, individuals must know the Tamil language. Understanding the English language is also necessary even if you are not skilled in it.

Any requirements for software/devices needed for the course?

This course is completely designed online. Following requirements are necessary before you opt for this course:

  1. Desktop,laptop or mobile to access this course online.
  2. Good internet connection.

Any message to your students before starting this course?

Attending hours of lectures, reading thick sized books and solving N number of exercises, but still it leaves you confused as to which rule of Grammar to apply where? So we have got an easy solution to your confusion. Online lecture, no books and interactive activities to learn Grammar. This course is in Tamil, so learn rules in your mother tongue and remember it always.

We have designed this course from basics, so no prerequisites of Grammar are necessary to attend this course. Connect to your device and login to our course, we will make sure Grammar would be cakewalk for you.

What learning students will have post-course completion?

This course is designed from basics to complete learning of Grammar. This course will cover all the points which are required for English communication and writing. This interactive course will help students to be confident enough in Grammar. Students will learn to interact in English with error-free Grammar.

Below is the overview of the course:

Introduction to Grammar

  1.       Parts of Sentences
  2.       Simple Sentence
  3.     Compound Sentence
  4.       Complex sentence
  5.       Tenses
  6.       Past Tense
  7.     Present Tense
  8.       Future Tense
  9.       Articles
  10.       Parts Of Speech
  11.       Noun
  12.     Pronoun
  13.       Adjective
  14.     Verb
  15.     Adverb
  16.       Preposition
  17.       Interjection
  18.     Conjunction
  19.       Degrees of comparison
  20.       Phrases and Clauses
  21.       Numbers, Determiners & Genders
  22.       Active voice and Passive voice
  23.   Question tags
  24.   Direct and Indirect speech

How will this course help your students to get a job?

Communication skills are needed in today’s world. It helps you in presenting yourself and your ideas in a correct and precise manner. Be it any kind of profession, your communication skills are helpful to take you to the top. This course will make students confident in Grammar and thus help them in framing English sentences correctly. So, when students will approach for the job, this course will help them in the below ways:

  1. Build a good resume.  
  2. It Will help in communicating well during interviews.
  3. Will is confident enough in presenting themselves.

What job roles your student can look up to after completing this course?

This course will help to improve the English language. English is important in every job that you seek. But specifically, if student is seeking for a job where only communication is important, then below are few options:

  1. Salesperson
  2. English tutor
  3. Call center
  4. Receptionist