Best book for learning Java

Java is one of the primary programming language tools, and learning it is essential. Most people prefer learning a programming language either through college or by joining a private class. Either way, it is vital to have a book for learning the concept in detail and verify it from time to time. For learning the Java programming language, there are multiple books in the market. From local books to books written by foreign authors, there are various options for you to choose from. But if you are looking for a book that will teach you everything you know about Java right from the basic concepts to the coding then this book, ‘ Java The Complete Reference ‘ by Herbert Schildt can be a perfect choice. 

This book is written in simple English and is suitable for all levels as it explains right from the basic concept to the most advanced concepts with step by step instructions. 

Learn the basics

This book is divided into six parts and contains a total of 38 chapters. The first part explains in detail about the history and basic features of Java. It describes how the Java programming language came into existence and how it is more important than the other programming languages. Along with this, the book also explains in detail the different basic concepts of Java-like operators, data types, variables, arrays, interfaces, and modules. Simple codes accompany these definitions for a clear understanding. This first part explains all fundamental concepts and definitions involved in the Java programming language.

Use the Library to solve the errors

While creating a program code, it is common for you to face errors. But to solve these errors and come up with some possible solutions, there are multiple open source libraries with frameworks and templates. The second part of the book explains in detail how to use this framework and other templates from the libraries to resolve the issues. It also explains in detail how to use these frameworks and codes to perform input and output operations. This part describes in detail various utilities and how to use the Library for creating perfect codes in the Java programming language.  

Learn in detail about graphical user interface

If you are using Java programming language for creating applications, then you need to learn about the concept of graphical user interface which can be used for creating a number of buttons text and various other designs in the applications. The third and fourth part of the book explains in detail about the various concepts and codes involved in the Graphical User Interface. This book clearly explains how to create graphical user interfaces using swing and JavaFX applications. The idea of Swing was used in older applications while the JavaFX concept is used in current applications. The book clearly explains how these two concepts can be used to create a graphical user interface with proper codes and also how to interconnect them to create an application as a whole.

Why this book?

This book is written in a simple language with codes and programs from Java. Learning Java through this book will help you in understanding the basic concepts quickly, which is the necessary foundation for learning this concept. This book explains every single concept in detail with simple programs that are easy to understand and execute. The book explains in detail how to execute these codes and also explains how these programs can be used for practical applications. This book contains a solution for all types of Java-based programming issues, and learning from this book will be much easier when compared to others. This book is suitable for all types of learners, and even a person with no prior knowledge about the Java programming language can learn from this book. This also teaches you how to use the programming language for practical applications in detail, allowing you to use them practically. This book relates all the concepts to real-life applications, and with the help of this book, you can learn the concepts within a short period with practical application knowledge. This book allows you to relate with the java programming language.

Advantages of learning from this book

Practical programs

All the programs and codes given as examples in the book can be applied for practical applications, and they can be executed on real-time java applications. 

Suitable examples

Every single concept is accompanied by suitable examples that relate to real-time applications, and these examples can also be used for practical purposes. The users can execute the code in the computers and understand the concept clearly with the outputs they achieve. 

Zero experience

This book is suitable for all the people, especially the ones with zero experience in programming languages. Anyone can purchase it and learn the concept of Java programming languages easily without any issues. 

Old source

All the concepts are explained in detail and compared with the old program sources along with its history for you to understand it clearly. Though learning the ideas might seem complicated for you in actuality, it is simple, and they can be explained in detail. The books might seem huge with 1000 pages, but it is easy to read and simple to understand. 


So purchasing this book will definitely not be a waste of your money and you can quickly master the concept of Java programming language just by reading through this book and also buy practically executing the programs in your computer side by side. This book serves both as a theoretical and practical guide for Java programming language. So stop thinking and purchase this book immediately to learn the concept of Java programming language in detail and get a job in the future.