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What is Grammarly?

When it has to do with writing for Top notch companies and blogs Grammarly is needed, Grammarly helps confirm writing  authenticity, Grammarly is a powerful tool when it has to do with writing, Grammarly spots out the hidden errors after a long write up, Grammarly helps freelancers who are hiring get the best out of an article, Grammarly helps correct hidden errors that are found after a Grammarly check, Grammarly helps boost your English and knowledge while writing, importance of Grammarly, in other words, is a needed tool when it has to do with writing.

Grammarly helps get the job done, if you are a professional in writing you would know how important it is to use Grammar checker, when writing a long article of like 1500-2000 and above it is good to consider using a Grammar checker, Grammar check tool has now become a huge sensation in the freelance industry, it is regarded for its reliability and usefulness, when considering an article from a freelancer employer, they first do a grammar check before payment of the agreed cash, this is so because of the widespread of freelancers who don’t pay much attention to employer interest, it is important as a freelancer to do the needed work to build an article, Grammar checker tool has become a big industry in the writing industry, it is needed and very important.

This article is going to be based on the best of it all, the much-used Grammar checker called Grammarly, Grammarly is a powerful tool when it comes to writing, it is doubtless the best when it comes to writing, used by high profile professionals and users it a goal getter, Grammarly was founded by two Ukrainians called Max Lytvyn and Alex Shevchenko in the year 2009 in Kiev. Grammarly is an online tool for grammar checking, Plagiarism detection, spell checking, text editing, the proofreading of Grammarly checks more than 250 Grammar policies.

What Grammarly does?

It ranks 414 in Alexa’s rankings, Grammarly is an app that detects spelling punctuation, potential grammar, style mistakes, and word choice while writing. Grammarly identifies issues with Grammarly algorithms suggesting better wordiness, punctuation, style, Plagiarism, Grammar, spelling. Grammarly is a powerful tool built by Grammarly inc to ensure the best writing. In the writing industry today Grammarly is needed to achieve a better result in our digital day, a lot of freelancers is out there who do not want to work but gain money by writing non-authentic articles. 

Grammarly is in place to ensure durability and value for content, Grammarly ensures that everything you write about is authentic and mistake-free, you can download Grammarly on your Android and iOS, Grammarly is also available in chrome, safari, edge, and Firefox in case you can’t download the app. Grammarly charges fees for premium monthly and annual packages. 

Grammarly helps you write well in Text, Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, word or in any other writing app. Grammarly helps in scanning for misplaced modifiers and misused commas, Grammarly helps in improving your writing skills as a freelancer, Grammarly gives you good explanation for your writing errors which will help you in avoiding them later, Grammarly helps you do great things at work, in your projects, when communicating, when commenting on something, Grammarly helps you by giving you back up on everything you write, it is a good expo giver, making your articles and write-ups stand out, Grammarly is an AI-powered product which helps people interact more effectively, Millions of members put their confidence in Grammarly every day to make their documents, messages, social media posts, write-up, tweets classic and  mistake free. Grammarly is a big 500 company with offices in New York,  San Francisco, and Kyiv.

Outcome of using Grammarly:

It may interest you to know that 76% of Grammarly users find writing with Grammarly keyboard enjoyable, 85% of Grammarly users are now strong writers, 

99% of students using Grammarly see improved writing results.

Grammarly mission statement is Improve Lives by Improving Communication, Grammarly helps in the improvement of how people understand each other and connect with each other, that is a mission statement! This is evident from the ratings of users.

How does Grammarly impact me?

Grammarly is easy to use, you get to enjoy it better when you subscribe to a plan, get the best out of Grammarly when you are on a plan, I’ll be talking about the prices shortly but quickly I want to share how Grammarly has impacted my life, Grammarly is a huge sensation to me, Grammarly has been a source of help to writers like me, writing is more than a gift for me, writing entails expression from the heart, writing is a gift, what could not be explained while talking has been expressed through writing, this is evident, writing is also a rewarding career for a professional who can utilize it for best practices, writing is a good job with decent wages if you are a professional, writing is a hard job but with good pay, it is said that writing for magazines are the highest paid projects ranging from $100 to $2500 or more. But without good tools in place how do you write an article fit for good pay? Setting up to write hitch-free articles for Top notch website like this without using Grammarly could be hard to do especially writing more than a 1000k words.


Grammarly Premium plan is good for those who want to become a professional in writing, it is wise to use Grammarly to do projects. It is worth the money.

Grammarly helps in 4 aspects mainly:

  • 1: PLAGIARISM: Plagiarisms are common in the freelance industry, they are mostly done by low ranking writers, these writers is not good for the writing industry, Plagiarism is a way of copying other writers work, it was a problem before but now with Grammar tool like Grammarly we can get the most out of it, we can check for plagiarism before payment. Grammarly is such a wonderful tool.
  • 2: AUTHENTIC AND MISTAKE FREE: when writing one can mistake a word and spell it wrong, but Grammarly ensures you the best when typing, when activated on a plan, you get corrected while typing.
  • 3. COMMA MISUSE: when typing one can use a comma when not needed and may cause grammar hitches which is not good for projects, with Grammarly the misuse of a comma is managed.
  • 4: IMPROVES AND EDUCATES YOU: Grammarly is like a college whereby you get to improve your writing skills and aim you for more, write impactful contents and get more clients, while writing one needs to be improved by the day. Grammarly EDUCATES and inspires users. 

Grammarly Plans and Prices:

Free plans are also available, the free package is not filled with many options, Grammarly free plan features only critical Grammar and spelling checks: Critical Grammar checks enable you to check for grammar errors while spelling checks enable you to check for wrong spellings that occurred while typing.


Premium plan: this is where it is all packed in, you have lots of options to choose from, features include Critical grammar and spelling checks, context structure, sentence structure, advanced checks for punctuation, Plagiarism detector, grammar, vocabulary enhancing suggestions, writing style checks.


Other features include: Verify your content on the web, Access to your editor via, Be able to access your doc on different devices, You can use native desktop apps like windows and macOS. See definitions easily, see grammar and spellings mistakes, be able to words to your dictionary. Get a report of your performance via your email, In Grammarly, you can do a monthly, quarterly and annual plans.


Majority of Grammarly premium users are filled with stronger writing skills and are less stressful, the usefulness of Grammarly is evident when customers from around the world are fully satisfied with your work, it brings out professionalism in you. Using Grammarly premium is a good bargain, top up your skills and qualify you for future projects.


Grammarly Plans cost:

Monthly plan cost about $29.95 USD.

Quarterly plans cost about $59.95 USD.

Annual plans cost about $139.95 USD.

Try Grammarly:

You can try Grammarly for free by clicking here


We need to get so much done this day, we can only do much but with Grammarly, we can do more, I look at Grammarly from this view, Grammarly is an assistant to writers, it is a source of help to individuals who use it, it helps get tasks done in no time. Choose Grammarly today.