Programming aptitude is one of the important rounds for product based software companies. Many software companies conduct programming aptitude as the first round.

Mostly first round consists of “C” aptitude questions. There are many high-level languages like Java, C#, etc. but mostly programming aptitude would be asked in “C”.

“C” is the base for all the programming languages. If we are good at the “C” language, then we can shine at any language at any point in our career.

“C” language has tricky concepts like “Pointers” but most of the high-level languages lag such kind of concept. Product companies would be more interested in testing the same.

There are only a few goods which help us to learn “C programming aptitude”. One of those is “Test your C skills” book.

I love this book personally because of many reasons.

It covers the questions with a detailed solution for most of the topics.

Solutions are in a very detailed manner.

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